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Provide POSIX network header for all normal Newlib targets?


with the recent type changes for <sys/types.h> etc. we are now able to build the FreeBSD 9.3 network stack on RTEMS. We directly use

 * <machine/endian.h>,
 * <sys/_stdint.h>,
 * <sys/time.h>,
 * <sys/_timespec.h>,
 * <sys/_timeval.h>,
 * <sys/_types.h>, and
 * <sys/types.h>

from Newlib with mostly unmodified FreeBSD header and source files.

Cygwin and Linux provide currently their own set of network header files in Newlib. RTEMS has its own sets outside of Newlib. Since the Linux port is a bit special I don't consider it here. I think for the other Newlib targets it may be beneficial to provide at least the POSIX network header files

 * <arpa/inet.h>,
 * <netdb.h>,
 * <net/if.h>,
 * <netinet/in.h>,
 * <netinet/tcp.h>,
 * <syslog.h>,
 * <sys/socket.h>,
 * <sys/uio.h>, and
 * <sys/un.h>

in Newlib. It has the advantage that Newlib users get a consistent set of POSIX network header files with compatibility to FreeBSD. Since there are a lot of software packages available for Cygwin it would be quite nice for the smaller embedded systems targets to share header files with Cygwin.

My approach would be to import the latest network header files from FreeBSD. Then remove all #ifdef _KERNEL parts and use an #include <machine/XZY.h> to provide machine-specific stuff for each header file, e.g. <machine/socket.h>, <machine/in.h>. Keep the #ifndef _KERNEL parts for FreeBSD compatibility.

I only roughly looked at the Cygwin network headers, but it would be a bit of work to import the latest network headers from FreeBSD and use them in Cygwin, e.g. deal with __INSIDE_CYGWIN_NET__.

How do you think about this?

Sebastian Huber, embedded brains GmbH

Address : Dornierstr. 4, D-82178 Puchheim, Germany
Phone   : +49 89 189 47 41-16
Fax     : +49 89 189 47 41-09
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PGP     : Public key available on request.

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