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[RFC][PATCH] Make manpages (v2)

This is an update of my previous patch at [1]

Currently, newlib has no manpages. Attached is a patch which generates manpages for newlib functions which have makedoc markup.

texinfo (by design) does not lend itself well to generating manpages, so instead DocBook XML is used as an intermediate format.

This patch adds a makedocbook tool, which, similarly to the makedoc tool, processes source files to extract markup, but rather than .texinfo, it generates DocBook XML, which can then be processed into manpages.

Similarly to the info documentation, the man pages are not built by 'make all', but by 'make doc', and can be installed with 'make install-man'.

This just adds a mechanism for generating manpages. The current mechanisms for generating documentation in .info and other formats are unchanged and there is no suggestion to change that.

For ease of reviewing, this patch doesn't contain changes.

I would appreciate any comments you have on the approach and the implementation.

There are at least the following issues with this patch:

* I haven't tested that documentation is correctly included/excluded depending on the newlib configuration.

* Like 'make info', there is only build avoidance for extracting markup from the source, not for the processing of that extracted markup.


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