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Re: [PATCH] Add Intel MCU target

On Mar 31 18:33, Igor Venevtsev wrote:
> Intel MCU System V ABI are incompartible with i386 System V ABI:
>     o Minimum instruction set is Intel Pentium ISA minus x87 instructions
>     o No x87 or vector registers
>     o First three args are passed in %eax, %edx and %ecx
>     o Full specification available here:
> newlib/
>     * Add new ix86-*-elfiamcu target
> newlib/libc/include/
>     * setjmp.h: Change _JBLEN for Intel MCU target
> newlib/libc/machine/i386/
>     * memchr.S:  (memchr)  Target-specific size-optimized version
>     * memcmp.S:  (memcmp)  Likewise
>     * memcpy.S:  (memcpy)  Likewise
>     * memmove.S: (memmove) Likewise
>     * memset.S:  (memset)  Likewise
>     * setjmp.S:  (setjmp)  Likewise
>     * strchr.S:  (strchr)  Likewise
>     * strlen.S:  (strlen)  Likewise
> newlib/libc/stdlib/
>     * srtold.c:  (__flt_rounds) Disable for Intel MCU
> Please find a patch in attachment
> Thanks, Igor

Patch applied.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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