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Re: Status of newlib toolchain targets

On 03/17/2016 10:08 PM, Chris Johns wrote:
On 18/03/2016 13:49, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
With the above fixes, the following targets build successfully:

aarch64-elf aarch64_be-elf arm-eabi bfin-elf cr16-elf cris-elf
epiphany-elf fido-elf fr30-elf frv-elf h8300-elf i386-elf ia64-elf
lm32-elf m32r-elf m68k-elf mcore-elf microblaze-elf mips-elf mips64-elf
mn10300-elf moxie-elf msp430-elf nds32be-elf nds32le-elf nios2-elf
powerpc-elf powerpc-eabi powerpc-eabisim powerpcle-elf powerpcle-eabi
powerpcle-eabisim rl78-elf rx-elf sh-elf sh64-elf sparc-elf sparc64-elf
spu-elf tic6x-elf v850-elf x86_64-elf xstormy16-elf mmix

Fantastic and well done.

I just started a build of tools for all RTEMS targets using the
binutils-gdb, newlib, and gcc master's. When those are finished,
I will try RTEMS itself.
When is the next newlib snapshot due? When one appears I can start to
see how RTEMS goes.

Assuming RTEMS builds ok using the master. :)

If this test sweep is OK, once we bump our tools to the next snapshots
for gcc and newlib, I will get someone to run the FACE Conformance Test
Suite and see if it is happy with the feature test changes.


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