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Re: [PATCH] malloc on top to consider already available memory

A note on nano-malloc; it too has the same issue with the malloc on on
top as it does not consider what is already available (earlier I
posted on ARM Launchpad about these issues but there was no response
from ARM, who originated nano-malloc).

For my case nano-malloc is not what I use but going to dlmalloc 2.8
seems reasonable and possibly even consume a bit less global malloc
state RAM (by the look of the code). Version 2.8 also comes with
support of malloc spaces which could be useful in some cases to handle
fragmentation issues e.g. I guess there is a bit of work to get the
newlib special #ifdefs and defines to support e.g. reent.

br Petter

Den 2016-02-17 kl. 17:48, skrev Corinna Vinschen:
> On Feb 16 10:23, Freddie Chopin wrote:
>> On pon, 2016-02-15 at 17:23 +0100, Petter Ãsterlund wrote:
>>> An alternative to my patch would be to consider the 2.7.0 or
>>> even other more recent versions - but that would be include
>>> quite much more changes.
>> Actually I was thinking about that recently - would it be
>> possible (and desirable) to update dlmalloc in newlib to the most
>> recent version? Possibly with as little changes to the original
>> as possible, to make future updates easier?
> This is probably the way to go.  For small targets we have
> nano-malloc, for not so space constraint systems an update to the
> latest dlmalloc (jemalloc/ptmalloc3?) might be helpful.
> Corinna

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