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[PATCH] nano version of sscanf does not work with %F %G and %E (capital letters) specifiers

Here is test case and expected output produced by host gcc:

bash-4.3$ cat nano-sscanf-F-E-G.c && gcc nano-sscanf-F-E-G.c && ./a.out
#include <stdio.h>

float F = 0, E = 0, G = 0;

int main()
    char *in = "356.3e+2\n";
    sscanf(in, "%F\n", &F);
    sscanf(in, "%E\n", &E);
    sscanf(in, "%G\n", &G);
    fprintf(stderr, ":%F: :%E: :%G:\n", F, E, G);
    return 0;

void __attribute__((noreturn)) exit(int code) {
    for (;;)
        asm volatile ("int $0x80" : : "a"(1), "b"(code));

int write(int fd, char* buf, int size)
    asm volatile ("int $0x80" : : "a"(4), "b"(fd), "c"(buf), "d"(size));

void __attribute__((weak)) _start()

:35630.000000: :3.563000E+04: :35630:

Here is an output produced by newlib configured with
--newlib-enable-nano-formatted-io knob:
bash-4.3$ gcc -m32 nano-sscanf-F-E-G.c -I i386-elf/include/ -nostdlib
i386-elf/lib/libc.a i386-elf/lib/libnosys.a -u _printf_float -u
_scanf_float && ./a.out

:F-07: :4.988623E-43: :4.98862E-43:

Please find a patch in attachment

Thanks, Igor

Attachment: 0001-newlib-libc-stdio-nano-vfscanf.c-Fix-F-G-and-E-speci.patch
Description: Binary data

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