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Re: License for \newlib\libc\time\

Heiko wrote:

I use some functions from "\newlib\libc\time\mktime.c" and

Can someone tell me, which copyrights/licenses I must copy to my
src/documentation? Must I copy the whole COPYING.NEWLIB or is it enough
to copy the licenses which are relevant for the used functions? But then I must know, which licenses is relevant for the respective

Thanks ans wbr

You only need licences relative to the code you have chosen to use/modify.

You should keep the source headers in the code and add whatever modification message you want
for any changes you make.

Newlib originated at Cygnus Solutions and was shipped as part of embedded tool sets. The files you mention were originally added/created before my time at Cygnus Solutions and do not have specific licences in them. Normally, files without licences originally added in the early Cygnus days (see the earliest ChangeLog entry) are assumed to be Cygnus and now owned by Red Hat, which is the first licence in COPYING.NEWLIB. In this case we are given the authors. The Arthur David Olson tz code referred to by mktm_r.c is mentioned on the net as public domain. G. Haley (author of mktime.c) is Graham Haley and his contribution to Cygnus is noted in the libc documentation so you will need the Red Hat licence.

-- Jeff J.

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