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Re: [PATCH]: Implement fwide (was Re: swprintf() and friends?)

On Dec 10 18:32, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> Hmm, you seem to be right.  I examined the FreeBSD sources again since I
>> was pretty sure that the code path will result in calling ORIENT when
>> calling any printf function.  But it really looks like printf doesn't
>> set the orientation.  A bug in the FreeBSD sources?  __sfvwrite_r might
>> be a good point to call ORIENT, right?
> I decided just to put it in _VFPRINT_R after the lock.  Seemed consistent.
>>> I can fix these myself if you like or you can resubmit if you would like 
>>> to test.

Sounds good.

>> I have no problems if you fix that.
> Done.  I also changed references to stdin and stdout in wchar.h so they 
> basically expand as they do in stdio.h.
> I think Craig's idea to move the functions to a wchar directory is a 
> reasonable idea.  I am going to check the code in the stdio directory for 

I would rather keep them in stdio for the simple reason that they are
in stdio on the *BSD systems as well.

> now as we are really close to the snapshot and I have other things to do.  
> I want people to have a chance to find any problems before the snapshot and 
> if I don't get a chance to do the move or run into any problems, the 
> functions will be available.
> Thanks Corinna for doing this.

You're welcome.  Thanks for your review!


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
Red Hat

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