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Re: seekdir dereferences null

duane> Two well known quick examples are: ARM7 does not,
duane> CortexM3 do not have MMU/MPU support.

konrad> Uh, I beg to differ.  See chapter 9,
konrad> "Memory Protection Unit", in DDI0337G ..."

I stand corrected. I did not know this was even an option.

However, I read the document a bit more and found that the
CortexM3 - may contain an *OPTIONAL* MPU.

Table 9-2, [15:8] DREGION - "... DREGION contains 0x08 if the
implementation contains an MPU indicating eight MPU regions,
otherwise it contains 0x00.

So - I checked the two STM32 eval boards. Both report
0x0 for register, perhaps other CortexM3 implementations
work differently, I do not know.

konrad> Also, see chapters B3 and B4 (about the
kornad> standard MMU and MPU in ARMv4/5)

While ARM7TDMI - is armv4, no arm7tdmi I am aware of
has an mpu/mmu other then the arm720.

armv5 - is another matter..


As for the benefits of NDEBUG, DEBUG, etc...
Those decisions I leave to the Newlib overseers.

Jeff seemed to be asking for input, we have all given it.
We've all made some good points.

joel - a clue to issues he had not found.
Eric - ie: this is bloat
You  - Use standards, with some good checking
Me   - my rant about other bloat

I trust jeff and others will continue to make the
good decisions that keep me here.


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