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Re: seekdir dereferences null

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According to Schwarz, Konrad on 12/5/2008 1:36 AM:
>> the bug is in the RTEMS test 
>> suite for not 
>> passing a valid DIR* in the first place, and not in newlib 
>> for crashing on 
>> invalid input
> I fully support this position. I checked the POSIX document 
> yesterday, and it indeed does not say anything about a NULL DIR*,
> but was ultimately too lazy to write out against this.

Actually, POSIX _is_ explicit about null pointer checks:

"Each of the following statements shall apply unless explicitly stated
otherwise in the detailed descriptions that follow:

   "1. If an argument to a function has an invalid value (such as a value
outside the domain of the function, or a pointer outside the address space
of the program, or a null pointer), the behavior is undefined."

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