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RE: [rtems] PAGESIZE versus PAGE_SIZE

OpenGroup clearly says that PAGESIZE and PAGE_SIZE belong in <limits.h>
(as an extension to the C standard).  Therefore PAGE_SIZE should somehow
manage to end up there.  I'd think that including machine/param.h brings
in too much extraneous stuff for limits.h.  How about moving what's
appropriate from libc/sys/rtems/machine/param.h to
libc/sys/rtems/machine/limits.h (which exists, but is currently empty)?
Then just make sure that libc/sys/rtems/include/limits.h includes
libc/sys/rtems/machine/limits.h (which does not appear to be the case
at the moment).

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Subject: [rtems] PAGESIZE versus PAGE_SIZE


Going through RTEMS Bugzilla, I came across an
old PR about PAGESIZE and PAGE_SIZE having
different values for RTEMS. RTEMS does not have
virtual memory so the actual value doesn't mean

As best I can tell it is easy to fix since both
are in RTEMS specific areas of newlib.  It is
just a matter of picking which one to change.
And is it possible/desirable for limits.h or
param.h to include the other? 

PAGESIZE in defined in newlib/libc/sys/rtems/include/limits.h

#define PAGESIZE                1

NOTE: Acceptable per Open Group but these are supposed to

PAGE_SIZE is defined in newlib/libc/sys/rtems/machine/param.h.

#define PAGE_SHIFT      12              /* LOG2(PAGE_SIZE) */
#define PAGE_SIZE       (1<<PAGE_SHIFT) /* bytes/page */

The dirtiest solution is to fix limits.h to have 4096
and add a comment that it must match the one in param.h.

What is the right thing to do to fix this?

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