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[patch] SPU Named address space support


The ISO/IEC TR 18037 specifies among others named address spaces. A patch for 
supporting this C extension has been posted on gcc-patches 
( The attached patch 
utilizes that functionality and enables __ea support for SPU programmers. Ok 
to apply?



2008-11-19  Ken Werner  <>
            Patrick Mansfield  <>
            Joel Schopp   <>

        * spu/ Add new files.
        * libgloss/spu/jsre.h: Add JSRE_MMAP, JSRE_MREMAP, JSRE_MSYNC and
          JSRE_MUNMAP opcodes.
        * spu/mmap_eaddr.c: New File.
        * spu/mremap_eaddr.c: Likewise.
        * spu/msync_eaddr.c: Likewise.
        * spu/munmap_eaddr.c: Likewise.


2008-11-19  Ken Werner  <>
            Patrick Mansfield  <>
            Joel Schopp   <>

        * libc/machine/spu/ Add __ea detection.
        * libc/machine/spu/ Add new files.
        * libc/machine/spu/include/ea.h: New file.
        * libc/machine/spu/ea_internal.h: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/sys/mman.h: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/mmap_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/munmap_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/mremap_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/msync_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/memchr_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/memcmp_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/memcpy_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/memmove_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/memset_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/malloc_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/realloc_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/calloc_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/free_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/posix_memalign_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strcat_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strchr_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strcmp_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strcpy_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strcspn_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strlen_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strncat_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strncmp_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strncpy_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strpbrk_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strrchr_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strspn_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/strstr_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/read_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/pread_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/readv_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/write_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/pwrite_ea.c: Likewise.
        * libc/machine/spu/writev_ea.c: Likewise.

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