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Re: RTEMS and unix directory

Joel Sherrill wrote:

After examining how RTEMS could use the posix
subdirectory, I moved onto the unix subdirectory.
I am pretty sure can use the following with no work:

+ basename.c
+ dirname.c
+ getcwd.c
+ pread.c
+ pwrite.c

We could use the password and group access
routines IF we can all figure out a way to
let the rtems configuration call our
routine that provides a dummy /etc/passwd
and /etc/group if there was not one in the
filesystem.  This could be a weak symbol
or ifdef'ed on RTEMS.

Our ttyname.c appears to have originated with
the one in this directory but has been slightly
modified to have ttyname_r.  So our version
could go in here and be used.  I have attached
it for review.

Is the configure/build infrastructure able to
turn on just the pieces listed above and ttyname.c
if you are OK with our version?

I'm ok with your version except for the rtems includes and names. Setting errno and returning -1 doesn't really warrant an include.

Regarding configuration, we would have to do the same thing I did in the libc/posix
directory which is to add #ifndef _NO_xxxx checks at the top of the various files so they can be
removed using flags for those platforms that want some but not all routines.

How about the group/password?

I am not sure what you are asking.

-- Jeff J.

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