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Re: missing glibc #defines in getopt.h

Jeff Johnston wrote:
Joel Sherrill wrote:

I am porting some code from Linux to RTEMS
and noticed that the following values for
"has_arg" are not included in the newlib

# define no_argument 0 # define required_argument 1 # define optional_argument 2

It is easy enough to add them but do they need
to protected by an ifdef of any sort?

They are already there. A change was made 03/02/2008 to add them. I'm
not sure why you don't see them.
There was some offlist discusion.  I am using the rtems patched
1.16.0 so it wasn't there.

One question raised was how different is the linux getopt.h
and standard one in the newlib tree.  Could they be folded into
one now?

If you are still planning on the traditional end of year snapshot,
then I need to move my RTEMS testing over to newlib cvs to
try to catch things.
-- Jeff J.

Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development        On-Line Applications Research
Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS  Huntsville AL 35805
  Support Available             (256) 722-9985

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