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Re: bug in optimised strstr

Howland Craig D (Craig) wrote:
A potentially quick way of checking for Eric's 64/32-bit question
- b = CANON_ELEMENT (needle[max_suffix + k]);
+ b = CANON_ELEMENT (needle[(size_t)(max_suffix + k)]);
This might be a good thing to do as a patch just in case. (Since
pointer[index] is effecively changed by compilers (per the std) to
*((pointer) + (index)), the result of the expression is the type of the
pointer operand. Since pointers are not guaranteed to fit into any
of the integer types, the cast is safest--even if not normal practice.)
Hey, Jeff, what exact file did you change? I've checked my local
CVS copy against the repository and am not seeing any changes.
Craig Howland

Thanks for the patch idea. I'll apply it.

I changed libc/sys/linux/include/stdint.h and libc/sys/linux/sys/stdint.h. They are only used to build x86-linux.

-- Jeff J.
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Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 1:35 PM
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Subject: Re: bug in optimised strstr

Jeff Johnston wrote:
Eric Blake wrote:
Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn <at>> writes:

  max_suffix = SIZE_MAX;
  j = 0;
  k = p = 1;
  while (j + k < needle_len)
      a = CANON_ELEMENT (needle[j + k]);
      b = CANON_ELEMENT (needle[max_suffix + k]);

it is the line b=....

It cannot be correct as you are trying to reference SIZE_MAX + 1 the

first time through the loop.
But the comments state:

/* Invariants:
0 <= j < NEEDLE_LEN - 1
-1 <= max_suffix{,_rev} < j (treating SIZE_MAX as if it were signed)

On cygwin, this works (in other words, I'm not reproducing the crash). The intent is that this line is referencing needle[0]. What

type is size_t on your platform, and the value of SIZE_MAX? Could it

be that there is some type promotion going on, where the result of SIZE_MAX+1 results in a 64-bit type containing 2**32 instead of 0, as

is required by modulo math since size_t is unsigned?

Ok, I got mixed up on what SIZE_MAX was supposed to be. For x86, stdint.h is being overridden with one in libc/sys/linux/include that has a wrong value for SIZE_MAX (LONG_MAX). I am rebuilding now. I can't say what is happening for arm since it should be using the same stdint.h from libc/include.

-- Jeff J.

Patch works for x86-linux and is checked in. I don't have an arm system

to play around with. Sam, are you running arm-linux (which isn't in newlib)? That would use the code in question. Otherwise, can you provide more details (e.g. run under gdb and print out the various information above)?

-- Jeff J.

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