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Re: mn10300 linker script update

Duane Ellis wrote:
>> Arguably at least some of these scripts could be integrated into ld's scheme for building scripts
>> from the basic ELF templates since they usually just vary in a few addresses and the GROUP
>> statements. But I'm not sure I want to try and tackle that yet.

Yes, I know this is more of an "ld" comment - but... anyway...

I sure would like to know about "ld's scheme for building scripts" - where can I find that type of info.

I've never found it in any of the LD docs, info or man pages.
It's part of the build process for ld itself -- it has the ability to parameterize standard linker scripts to deal with a small number of common target differences.

The standard elf script is ld/scripttempl/ and it has a number of parameters that can be set to build scripts which are customized for the target. And example of customization is ld/emulpararms/

When building the linker from source it will build a set of standard linker scripts using the template and parameter files suitable for the target system.

Now having said that, I don't think it's likely to resolve any of the issues you're raising as they require defining new output memory regions and more importantly what input sections should be placed in those regions. Typically what I would recommend would be to take the standard linker script for your target and add the output sections specific for your part to that linker script.


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