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Re: [PATCH] Blackfin hardware boards support (1/7)

Jeff Johnston wrote:
Jie Zhang wrote:
And do you still want me to submit the patch to install the merged linker scripts?

It's a usability issue so ultimately it is up to you. I think it would be easier for your end-users unless you are going to have the compiler do it for them automatically once they specify the board via an option.

I think this is a good idea. Here is the patch for libgloss to install merged linker scripts for Blackfin. There is another patch to make changes accordingly on gcc side. Both patches have to be checked in or neither can be checked in. If you think this patch is OK, I'll send out the gcc patch to gcc mailing list. We can install them when the gcc one is approved.

2008-08-20  Jie Zhang  <>

	* bfin/ (BOARD_SCRIPTS): Replace it ...
	MC_COMMON_SCRIPT): ... with these.
	(install-board): Install merged linker scripts.

Index: bfin/
--- bfin/	(revision 2771)
+++ bfin/	(working copy)
@@ -60,14 +60,16 @@
 SIM_INSTALL	= install-sim
 # Here is all of the development board stuff
-# BF531, BF532, BF533, BF537
-BOARD_SCRIPTS	= bfin-common-sc.ld  bfin-common-mc.ld \
-	bf522.ld bf523.ld bf524.ld bf525.ld bf526.ld bf527.ld \
+SC_BOARD_SCRIPTS = bf522.ld bf523.ld bf524.ld bf525.ld bf526.ld bf527.ld \
 	bf531.ld bf532.ld bf533.ld \
 	bf534.ld bf536.ld bf537.ld \
 	bf538.ld bf539.ld \
 	bf542.ld bf544.ld bf547.ld bf548.ld bf549.ld \
-	bf561.ld bf561a.ld bf561b.ld bf561m.ld
+	bf561.ld
+MC_BOARD_SCRIPTS = bf561a.ld bf561b.ld bf561m.ld
+SC_COMMON_SCRIPT = bfin-common-sc.ld
+MC_COMMON_SCRIPT = bfin-common-mc.ld
 BOARD_BSP	= # We actually use libnosys.a
 BOARD_CRT0S	= basiccrt.o basiccrts.o
@@ -153,9 +155,14 @@
 	 ${INSTALL_DATA} $$x $(DESTDIR)${tooldir}/lib${MULTISUBDIR}/$$x; \
 	-if [ -z "${MULTISUBDIR}" ]; then \
-	  for x in ${BOARD_SCRIPTS}; do \
+	  for x in ${SC_BOARD_SCRIPTS}; do \
 	   ${INSTALL_DATA} ${srcdir}/$$x $(DESTDIR)${tooldir}/lib/$$x; \
+	   cat ${srcdir}/${SC_COMMON_SCRIPT} >> $(DESTDIR)${tooldir}/lib/$$x; \
 	  done; \
+	  for x in ${MC_BOARD_SCRIPTS}; do \
+	   ${INSTALL_DATA} ${srcdir}/$$x $(DESTDIR)${tooldir}/lib/$$x; \
+	   cat ${srcdir}/${MC_COMMON_SCRIPT} >> $(DESTDIR)${tooldir}/lib/$$x; \
+	  done; \
 	  ${mkinstalldirs} ${DESTDIR}${tooldir}/include; \
 	  for i in ${srcdir}/include/*.h; do \
 	   ${INSTALL_DATA} $$i ${DESTDIR}${tooldir}/include/`basename $$i`; \

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