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Re: Problem building newlib for arm

davidgf wrote:

I've been looking to solve this error but I can't find much information
about it.

When I compile newlib (gcc and binutils too) for ARM (Game Boy) I got this

configure: error: can not find install-sh or in .. ./.

I have installed automake, autoconf, and all the required stuff. Where is
the problem?

I unzip the source and I run ./configure --target=arm-thumb-elf. Then I run


You'll have to provide more details. What version of newlib are you trying to use?

For starters, you should specify either arm-elf or thumb-elf as your target. IIRC, arm-elf builds arm with thumb support being a multilib triggered via the -mthumb option.

You cannot configure directly in the newlib subdirectory. The newlib tarball is actually the top-level src directory with newlib and libgloss subdirectories included. You configure from the top-level.

If you have linked the newlib and libgloss subdirectories into another source directory, check to see if the top-level merged directory has the file: install-sh. If not, add it by running automake --add-missing in that top-level directory.

-- Jeff J.

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