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Re: Bug (?) in sprintf family?

"Jonathan S. Shapiro" wrote:

> What I'm trying to ask is: should sprintf() and friends have any **link
> time** dependency on isatty() and friends? Does the C library standard
> state any position on this?

Right, I think it will be hard or impossible to remove the link-time
dependency, but the stubs should be dead code if no file streams are
ever actually used.

Regarding the standard, I don't know for sure but I would guess this is
too much of a platform/implementation specific issue.

"Howland Craig D (Craig)" wrote:

> (A nice enhancement
> would be if the stubs mentioned in the documentation were provided in
> a stubs sub-directory for use by minimal implementations.  For your
> specific case, isatty.c in the libgloss subdirectory has what the
> aforementioned URL recommends.)

I think that is the whole point of libgloss, quoting

> Around this same time the stub dirs were made to run standalone, mostly 
> so it could also be used to support GDB's remote debugging needs. At 
> this time it was decided to move the stub dirs out of newlib and into 
> it's own separate library so it could be used standalone, and be 
> included in various other GNU tools without having to bring in all of 
> newlib, which is large. The new library is called Libgloss, for Gnu Low-
> level OS support.


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