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Re: [PATCH] Add Blackfin support in newlib (try 3) (was Re: [PATCH] Add Blackfin support in newlib (try 2))

Sorry for the delay of this reply.

Joel Sherrill wrote:
Jie Zhang wrote:
Hi all,

Here is a third patch for adding Blackfin support in newlib. I should send it out sooner. But I was waiting for Bernd's opinion without knowing he's on vocation.

This patch has fixed these more issues:

It looks like it is getting there. The license is OK for newlib now and you have setjmp/longjmp.
AFAIK machine/bfin should not have access.c or sys/syscall.h. Those are part of the target OS
which in your case is libgloss. For RTEMS, we could use setjmp/longjmp but would
avoid those since we really have a functional access and those syscall's are meaningless.

So is it OK to move syscall.h into libgloss and remove access.c?

And further, is it a good idea to reuse the common syscall.h in libgloss? I did some work in the last week to do so. And I found we need three new syscalls to be added into the common syscall.h to support argc and argv: SYS_argc, SYS_argnlen and SYS_argn. Is it OK to add them to the common libgloss syscall.h?


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