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src/libgloss ChangeLog bfin/ bfin/b ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2012-12-17 17:44:39

Modified files:
	libgloss       : ChangeLog 
	libgloss/bfin  : basiccrt.S 
	libgloss/bfin/include/sys: _adi_platform.h anomaly_macros_rtl.h 
Added files:
	libgloss/bfin  : bf606.ld bf606c0.ld bf606c1.ld bf606m.ld 
	                 bf607.ld bf607c0.ld bf607c1.ld bf607m.ld 
	                 bf608.ld bf608c0.ld bf608c1.ld bf608m.ld 
	                 bf609.ld bf609c0.ld bf609c1.ld bf609m.ld 
	libgloss/bfin/include: cdefBF606.h cdefBF607.h cdefBF608.h 
	                       cdefBF609.h defBF606.h defBF607.h 
	                       defBF608.h defBF609.h 

Log message:
	2012-12-17  Stuart Henderson  <>
	* bfin/ Add BF60x support.
	* bfin/basiccrt.S: Add core1 support.
	* bfin/bf606.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf606c0.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf606c1.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf606m.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf607.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf607c0.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf607c1.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf607m.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf608.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf608c0.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf608c1.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf608m.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf609.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf609c0.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf609c1.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bf609m.ld: New file.
	* bfin/bfin-common-mc0.ld: New file.
	* bfin/include/cdefBF606.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/cdefBF607.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/cdefBF608.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/cdefBF609.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/defBF606.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/defBF607.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/defBF608.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/defBF609.h : New file.
	* bfin/include/sys/_adi_platform.h: Add BF60x support.
	* bfin/include/sys/anomaly_macros_rtl.h : Clean up.


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