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Re: libffi - the 10th Anniversary Release

Anthony Green wrote:
We're coming up on the 10th anniversary of the last libffi release.
People are still using it, and gcc doesn't install it as a user library
-- so perhaps it's time to make another new release.

I've updated the libffi cvs sources with a recent snapshot from gcc.  It
builds on x86 linux as a stand-alone library.

I'm just not exactly sure where to install the headers.  Currently ffi.h
goes in /usr/include, and ffitarget.h goes in
/usr/lib/gcc/include/libffi/ffitarget.h.  I'm thinking a stand-alone
host library should install all header in /usr/include.  We just need to
make sure that they are multi-lib clean.

In any case, I'd appreciate it if people would like to try checking out
the latest from the libffi cvs repository and build/test it.

Built on arm-linux-gnu (oabi). One warning with gcc-4.2.3 about the implicit declaration of function __clear_cache (and I have no idea where the libgcc include file is supposed to be).

Tests largely pass: 1326 expected passes, 35 unexpected failures. If you are interested in the failures, I could produce a detailed log.

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