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Announcing libffi 3.0 [corrected]

I'm pleased to announce a software release 10 years in the making:

libffi 3.0

libffi is a portable foreign function interface library.

The last release of libffi, version 1.2, was released almost a decade
ago in October, 1998.  Shortly thereafter we started maintaining it
within the GCC source repository along with the help of the GCC
developers.  libffi's primary customer at the time was the GNU java
runtime library, libgcj, and libffi benefited tremendously from the
contributions of the GCC community[1].


Over the course of the last decade, and especially within the past
couple of years, many projects have picked up the old libffi release or extracted it from the GCC sources for their own purposes[2]. There now exists a multitude of libffi forks, and for no good reason other than there not being independent stand-alone libffi releases.

libffi 3.0 represents the resumption of regular, independent, stand-alone releases of libffi for all to consume.

libffi 3.0 is the result of bundling the latest libffi sources from the
GCC tree along with new configury, enhancements, documentation and

libffi will continue to be maintained in both the GCC tree as well as
the original libffi cvs repository.  Patches are welcome to either
project, as we intend to perform two-way merges between the trees. Visit
the libffi project site at for details.

Download source release here:


Anthony Green

[1] A special "thank you" goes out to the GCC hackers who contributed to libffi all these years. libffi is widely used (see below) entirely thanks to your continued efforts.

[2] A survey of libffi users/bundlers/forkers:

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