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Re: [PATCH] [AARCH64]: Pointer mangling support for Aarch64

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for reviewing the patch.
I have incorporated your review comments.

Nested #if should have indentation between # and if.

In ports/sysdeps/aarch64/jmpbuf-offsets.h, should I need to add space
between # and if?
Reading the glibc coding style,  I understood it as outer #ifndef
__ASSEMBLER__ will not increase indentation level.

if it is Ok, can you please commit on my behalf since I don't have write access.

2013-12-31  Venkataramanan Kumar  <>

* sysdeps/aarch64/__longjmp.S (__longjmp): Demangle sp
        and lr when restoring register values.
* sysdeps/aarch64/setjmp.S (__sigsetjmp): Mangle sp and lr
before storing register values.
* sysdeps/arm/jmpbuf-unwind.h (_jmpbuf_sp): Remove.
* sysdeps/aarch64/jmpbuf-offsets.h (_jmpbuf_sp): Add.
(JB_FRAME_ADDRESS): call  _jmpbuf_sp.
* sysdeps/aarch64/sysdep.h (LDST_PCREL) : New macros.
(LDST_GLOBAL): Likewise.
* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/aarch64/sysdep.h (PTR_MANGLE): New macro.
(PTR_DEMANGLE): Likewise.
(PTR_MANGLE2): Likewise.
(PTR_DEMANGLE2): Likewise.


On 31 December 2013 03:50, Marcus Shawcroft <> wrote:
> Hi, Couple of nits:
> On 30 December 2013 05:00, Venkataramanan Kumar
> <> wrote:
> +#  define PTR_MANGLE(dst, src, guard, tmp)                              \
> +  LDST_PCREL(ldr, guard, tmp, C_SYMBOL_NAME(__pointer_chk_guard_local)); \
> +  PTR_MANGLE2(dst, src, guard)
> Space before ( in macro invocations.
> +#ifdef PTR_DEMANGLE
> +  PTR_DEMANGLE (sp);
> +#endif
> Nested #if should have indentation between # and if.
> +/* Pointer mangling is support for AArch64.  */
> support -> supported
> Otherwise OK
> /Marcus

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