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Re: [PATCH] Adjust IA64 ULPs for jn tests.

On Wed, 15 Feb 2012, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > I know that IA64 support has been removed from HEAD, but in case someone
> > is interested the following patch fixes an issue in the testsuite. If
> > someone is interested in maintaining the IA64 bits in glibc-ports, I am
> > interested to give some help.
> If someone will be in the future, then changes like this one will be lost
> between now and then.  So perhaps we should resurrect the ia64 code in the
> ports repository and declare you its maintainer, even if you are not
> planning any time soon to do all the work to make it actually work again.

Note that resurrecting it involves going through a series of commits - it 
wasn't all removed in one go - to identify the places there was support in 
miscellaneous libc files that will need moving into appropriate sysdeps 
directories.  Also:

* It will be a good idea to make sure the ABI (exported symbols and 
versions) is the same (modulo any functions newly added to libc) for the 
version removed from libc and that added to ports.

* Check for any global cleanups in libc since the removal that require 
corresponding changes to ia64.  (In particular, the move to crti.S/crtn.S 
instead of C initfini, but there may be others.)

* There were several places where files in libc or ports #included the 
ia64 versions and have now changed to be direct copies of the ia64 
versions, or to #include such a direct copy.  When the port is 
resurrected, make sure that you make it #include the new canonical 
locations of those files, not have duplicate copies of them.

* I think any ia64 target bugs in Bugzilla are still listed in the libc 
component (or some component other than ports).  They should be moved to 
the ports component and unassigned from the present assignees.  You don't 
need to fix them to add the port back, but it would be a good idea to look 
over them.

Joseph S. Myers

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