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Re: [RFC][PATCH] MIPS - SEGV at do_lookup_x()

On Mon, 13 Feb 2012, viju vincent wrote:

> For mips, the __dl_runtime_resolve() doesn't have any locking
> mechanism, this cause SEGV at do_lookup_x().
> Added lock and unlock in __dl_runtime_resolve() by referring the lock
> applied to _dl_fixup() in elf/dl-runtime.c
> Attached the patch which fix the SEGV at do_lookup_x().
> This issue is present in glibc 2.7 and 2.14.

Thanks for the patch, and thanks to Carlos for doing the initial 
comparison.  I've applied the patch - given that most of the code is 
copied from elsewhere in libc, it's under the threshold for needing 
copyright assignment paperwork, but if you intend to make more 
contributions then you should complete that paperwork.;a=blob_plain;f=doc/Copyright/request-assign.future;hb=HEAD

Please also include a GNU-style ChangeLog entry with future patches (the 
text of an entry rather than a patch to the ChangeLog.mips file, since 
patches to ChangeLogs won't apply cleanly if any other changes have gone 
in since you generated the patch).

Joseph S. Myers

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