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Re: Community source repository for glibc add-on ports branch, master, updated. glibc-2.15-46-g8c7adf8

On Thu, 9 Feb 2012, wrote:

> +# Local configure fragment for sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/alpha
> +
> +# There are several bits that no longer compile cleanly without
> +# realtime signal support (ver 2.2.0).  Given that we also now
> +# require TLS (ver 2.6.0), it seems pointless to fix them.
> +# ??? Surely this should now be the generic default.
> +arch_minimum_kernel=2.6.0

Yes, I think it should be the generic default - but Roland was concerned 
some people might be using 2.4 (presumably with TLS backports, as in the 
RHEL3 kernel, I think) and bug 13554 was closed WONTFIX.  So for now 
pre-2.6 kernels are on the deprecation list to be reconsidered for removal 
after 2.16 <>.

It would be a matter for libc-alpha not libc-ports, but I don't see any 
reasonable objection to removing support for 2.0-2.3 kernels and assuming 
2.4 as minimum - as an interim step before probably removing 2.4 and 2.5 
support after 2.16.  And of course it's fine for architecture maintainers 
to increase the minimum kernels for their architectures as they think 

Do you also need the


setting for alpha that was removed from the Linux configure script as part 
of the removal of relics of ports architectures from libc done at the time 
of the IA64 removal - and the


settings that were in the toplevel configure script for alpha?

Joseph S. Myers

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