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I noticed the README file in ports was a bit out of date, referring to CVS 
and pointing to a stray page from the old glibc website.  I've applied 
this patch to update it (including mentioning the data/ directory in the 
paragraph describing how ports are structured).

diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index 378cf26..6a37d34 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -1,5 +1,9 @@
 2012-02-07  Joseph Myers  <>
+	* README: Update.
+2012-02-07  Joseph Myers  <>
 	* README: Document use of ranges in copyright notices.
 2011-11-29  Joseph Myers  <>
diff --git a/README b/README
index 3ad8078..51e0a30 100644
--- a/README
+++ b/README
@@ -9,11 +9,12 @@ some optimized functions tailored for specific CPU implementations of an
 architecture, to be selected using --with-cpu.
 The ports repository is cooperatively maintained by volunteers on the
-<> mailing list, and housed in the glibc CVS as a
-module called "ports".  See
-for details on using CVS.  To report a bug in code housed in the ports
-repository, please go to and file a bug
-report under the glibc "ports" component.
+<> mailing list, and housed in a separate
+ports git repository.  See
+ for details on using
+git.  To report a bug in code housed in the ports repository, please
+go to and file a bug report under
+the glibc "ports" component.
 An add-on for an individual port can be made from just the sysdeps/
 subdirectories containing the port's code.  You may want to include a
@@ -34,7 +35,8 @@ sysdeps/CPU/preconfigure file; this can either be written by hand or
 generated by Autoconf from sysdeps/CPU/, and follow the
 rules for glibc add-on configure fragments.  No preconfigure file should do
 anything on an unrelated configuration, so that disparate ports can be put
-into a single add-on without interfering with each other.
+into a single add-on without interfering with each other.  Files that
+would go in scripts/data/ for libc go in data/ in ports.
 Like all glibc add-ons, this must be used by specifying the directory in
 the --enable-add-ons option when running glibc's configure script.

Joseph S. Myers

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