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Re: [patch] handle unaligned arm abs relocs

On Mon, 12 Dec 2011, Mike Frysinger wrote:

> +	    /* Support relocations on mis-aligned offsets.  */
> +	    memcpy (&reloc_value, reloc_addr_arg, sizeof (reloc_value));
> +	    reloc_value += value;
> +	    memcpy (reloc_addr_arg, &reloc_value, sizeof (reloc_value));

It seems from the discussion that it would be useful to see exactly what 
code ends up getting generated for these memcpy calls.  Is it a function 
call or inlined?  What about all the other memcpy calls in the dynamic 
linker?  For calls to memcpy that really are function calls, do they end 
up going through the PLT, or do they end up as direct calls to the copy of 
memcpy in the dynamic linker (given that it's linked with a version script 
that hides memcpy along with all the other libc functions it uses, so it 
shouldn't be necessary for calls to go through the PLT)?

(If it ends up as a direct call, care might still be needed if ARM memcpy 
ends up using STT_GNU_IFUNC in future - I think some architectures disable 
IFUNC versions of string functions in the dynamic linker, though that may 
be for code size reasons - but that's something to watch out for in future 
rather than needing addressing now.)

Joseph S. Myers

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