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LinuxThreads currently broken, staying that way

LinuxThreads is, at least for the moment, broken.  rtld-lowlevel.h is a
fairly clever, compact rwlock; I just don't see how to do it without
futexes, since we can't rely on libpthread in  I could obviously
do straight spinlocks using atomic.h, but the performance would be
astoundingly bad if the lock was ever contested.

When I agreed to maintain LinuxThreads my plan was to take it as far as
2.4, or possibly 2.5, but no farther.  Now that core glibc is adamantly
requiring TLS and there's not much to be done without futexes, I think
that time's up.  As of the glibc 2.5 release, LinuxThreads worked; in
the future, I do not intend to keep it up to date.

If someone else is interested in doing this work (and has an FSF
assignment) please let me know and I'll ask Roland about getting you
write access.

We still care about m68k at work, and at Debian, so it's possible I'll
have to revise my decision in the future.  But I sure hope not.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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