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Re: Linked List Implementation

On 11/27/2017 01:19 PM, Toebs Douglass wrote:
I'd love to find some new ideas, things I've totally missed, use cases I had no idea about.

There's some disagreement whether inline allocation of keys/values needs to be supported, whether key/value pointers should be void *, and whether the allocator should be tied to malloc/free. Some people prefer macros which generate function definitions, others prefer function pointers (sometimes with a closure argument, sometimes without). Some are strictly opposed to aliasing violations which happen to work today, others want strict language conformance.

For individual data structures, the level of configuration offered varies greatly. Not everyone things a custom resize policy is necessary for arrays or hash tables, or you need to be able to choose between different conflict resolution strategies in hash tables.

Some people want C++ compatibility, others are strictly opposed to it.

Those are just he issues that come to my mind immediately.


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