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Running unit tests after strip --strip-unneeded

Hello great community!

Thank you for all the work that you do building/maintaining libc for
all of us users!

I have a question that seems to be related to the size of libc and the
unit tests. On my Ubuntu machine I have a shared libc that is under
2.0 mb. When I compile libc from source I get a shared libc that is
about 10mb.

If I run the built-from-source one through strip --strip-unneeded I
get down to a reasonable size (compared to the Ubuntu-distributed
version). However, that seems to break the nptl unit tests. In
particular, I get an error when a test program attempts to link
against the pthread_create symbol.

I have looked through the Debian build package instructions for libc
and found some caveats related to pthreads but cannot seem to
understand how they are related to the problem that I am seeing.

I've googled and read all the information that I can find. I am sure
this is something obvious and I am just missing it. If anyone could
help I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for all the work that you do for us users!

Will Hawkins

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