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Re: building every released version of GCC starting with 4.1.2, with appropriate matching glibc

On 07/04/17 16:07, Xi Ruoyao wrote:
> On 2017-04-07 15:42 +0200, Toebs Douglass wrote:

>> Yes.  This is my goal.  The problem I currently face is getting GCC and
>> glibc actually built.

> See <>.
> And see other sections after it for detail.


I have been using these pages and the information in them.

They have been rather useful, have provided some clues and guidance and
helped me past a few problems.

However, I suspect the instructions are quite GCC/glibc version
specific.  I see different instructions (on the web, in various places)
for earlier versions of GCC/glibc.

I'm also concerned about the amount of hacking which the user must
perform on the source.  I would expect this to vary by GCC/glibc
version, and to be impossible or almost impossible to find out about,
and possibly to vary by processor platform, where I am looking to target
four different processors.  I think if I can find a way to build without
such hacking, I may still be in with a chance, but if it really is
needed, and normally, my goal is practically impossible.

I'm also not quite sure if the instructions are quite correct - or
perhaps it is that the options being passed to GCC configure have
misleading documentation.  For example, the use of "--with-newlib" seems
most odd, since we're using glibc.

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