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Re: make check failures

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 11:29 AM, Toebs Douglass <> wrote:
> Comparing the make check results for the system compiler and my
> hand-built compiler, I see;

> Which is obviously interesting ("conform" for all failures) but I'm not
> quite sure what to make of it and concomitantly unsure of what action to
> take.  It implies (perhaps) the other failures can since they affect
> both compilers be set aside (or, that there's something wrong with my
> system as a whole, which is affecting the glibc in general, regardless
> of compiler).

Each of the glibc releases has common failure lists for all supported arches.

You can see the ones for glibc 2.24 here:

What you have looks like an environmental issue when building.

If you build with a non-/usr --prefix then you must assemble a
complete sysroot at that location for the build process.

This includes having the right kernel headers, and a dynamically
loadable compiler helper routine library ( for
cancellation (the threading cancellation tests are failing in your

I suggest you start here:


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