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Re: problems building glibc

On 12/11/16 21:25, John Lumby wrote:
> Long ago I discovered that it is almost impossible to build glibc with --prefix set to anything other than its default
>  --prefix=/usr
> and I seem to remember then finding this documented in a few unofficial places.
> Unless it has somehow relaxed this ,  then I'd suggest you try with that(**).
> (I do not pretend to know or guess whether this explains your actual problem with the crtxxx.o)

I can build with my custom prefix using the system compiler, but I
cannot with the GCC 4.9.2 which I have compiled build with my custom
prefix or with prefix set to /usr.

At this point, after what is now six weekends of effort (for GCC and
glibc, not just glibc), I had just about reached the end of the road.

However, I thought in the end to check the glibc directory for an
INSTALL document.  I would observe the bad experience I had with the
on-line docs for building GCC led me not to consider seeking information
from official docs.

Nevertheless, reading the INSTALL closely led me to notice the BUILD_CC
environment-variable, where it is possible to specify the compiler to be
used to build the tools built by glibc during the build process.  This
information is provided under the heading "cross-compiling", which is
something I am not strictly speaking doing, although in hindsight it is
perhaps properly considered in this way, where the output (being  an
alien glibc, even if for the same platform) cannot be used on the local

Setting this to the system compiler permitted a successful build - or at
least, the build completed.  I may have built utter rubbish, rather than
a glibc using GCC 4.9.2.

I am currently running "make check".

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