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Re: Building glibc 2.19 for OS/ABI UNIX - System V

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Shaun Jackman <> wrote:
> Hi, Carlos. Thanks for your quick response. Yes, it does work as
> expected when I use the newly built loader with the newly built glibc.
> I can't unfortunately replace the system's default loader in /lib, and
> there's no environment variable equivalent of `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` that I
> know of to set the default loader.

That is correct, there is no environment variable that sets the dynamic loader.

The kernel selects it solely on the INTERP program header of the binary.

> Is it possible to build glibc 2.19 with an OS/ABI of UNIX - System V?

Yes, but that's not the problem, and it won't help you.

> If not, is there a component of my toolchain (Linux headers, binutils,
> glibc) that I can downgrade to an earlier release that will build a
> UNIX - System V glibc?

This is an X Y problem. Why don't you start by explaining what's wrong
and why you want to upgrade the core runtimes?


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