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Regarding "Inconsistency detected by" 32 Bit Elf

Hi All,

I'm working custom 32 Bit PPC linker script in order to tweak the user level process memory allocation/reservation:

I've one standalone application (32 - Bit) for which need contiguous memory layout. Due to the shared libraries falling in a place (libc @0fe40000 and ld @0ffc0000) which is blocking us from using contiguous memory (lower part). 

I tried certain things with prelink tool to relocate those libraries and able to successfully to relocate in expected place. But, I like to achieve the same thing using linker script tweak. 

I believe during process instantiation, When the dynamic loader seeks for the unmapped region there is no mmap in area 0x0f... which resulted in placing the shared libraries @0x0f... 

By default PPC linker is using "-z combreloc" script. I've created one custom linker script on top of comroloc after adding a fack section @0x0f... which resulted in "Inconsistency error" 

Without fake section, custom linker script is working fine. ASLR - PAX and all other randomization are disabled in my system.

Below is an attempt to create a fake block between (00020000 - 0fffffff) with custom linker section included  which resulted libdl to fall @0fe20000 and executable loading is failing with error message "Inconsistency detected by".




  .TSTSTART 0x00020000: ALIGN (0x10000)
    . = 0x0FFDFFFF;

Could anyone please share any pointers on this?

Thanks in Advance. 		 	   		  

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