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Re: disabling sse3/sse4 in libc

On 09/18/2012 03:19 AM, Akanksha Jain wrote:

I would like to disable all SSE3/4 versions of functions in glibc. I
am doing some experiments with a micro-architectural simulator which
does not have support for SSE3 and 4. In order for my simulator to
execute the program, the executable should be devoid of any SSE3/4
instructions.  My understanding is that the functions are chosen in
the library based on the CPUID. Is there a way I can disable SSE3/4 or
pass a non-native CPUID?

Thanks in advance!

Besides recompiling glibc with some changes, there's no way to change this - but I think it would be a worthwhile addition.

but if you have a simulator, then fix the simulator to generate a proper cpuid. If the simulator does not support SSE4, then the cpuid from it should not say it supports it,

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