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glibc testsuite questions

I have a basic glibc testing questions that I didn't
see answered in the glibc wiki.  Can you test glibc with a
simulator?  Or do you need to be on a system where the test
executables can be run directly?

I am building glibc as part of a cross-gcc compiler tool
chain and was wondering if I could test glibc with a 
simulator like I do when testing GCC.

FYI: I do have a native MIPS machine and am trying to run the
test suite on it.  So far I have one failure:

[/home2/sje/gcc_native/obj-native/glibc/localedata/tst-fmon.out] Error 1

>From tst-fmon.out (not all failures shown):

Locale: "de_DE.ISO-8859-1" Format: "%n" Value: "1.23" Received: "1,23 EUR" Expec
ted: "	1,23 EUR" => false
Locale: "de_DE.ISO-8859-1" Format: "%n" Value: "-1.23" Received: "-1,23 EUR" Exp
ected: "	-1,23 EUR" => false

Has anyone else seen this failure?  I looked at the test results in the
Wiki and only saw two listings, an up-to-date one for x86_64, and a very
old hppa one.  Neither of them show this failure.

Steve Ellcey

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