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Re: Building cross glibc/gcc (gnu/stubs.h)

On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 10:07 PM, Ellcey, Steve <> wrote:

> That is what I was doing.  I updated both glibc and gcc again and redid the
> build and ran into the same problem.  When glibc and glibc-ports were in
> separate repositories, it was necessary to create a symlink in the glibc
> repo to point at glibc-ports.  I don't need to create any symlinks now that
> everything is in one repository do I?

No, you don't.
First create a static-gcc

Heres what I do:
mkdir ${BUILDDIR}/gcc.${TARGET}.stage1
cd ${BUILDDIR}/gcc.${TARGET}.stage1
${SRCDIR}/bin/gcc/configure --prefix=${CROSS_TOOLS}
--enable-languages=c --disable-nls --with-gmp=${TOOLS}
--target=${TARGET} --without-headers --with-newlib --disable-shared
--disable-threads --disable-libssp --disable-libgomp
--disable-libmudflap --disable-decimal-float --disable-libquadmath
--disable-libatomic  LDFLAGS="-Wl,-rpath -Wl,${TOOLS}/lib" &&
make configure-host -j8 gcc_cv_libc_provides_ssp=yes &&
make -j8 &&
make install

Then glibc, and then the final gcc. You also need kernel headers.


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