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Re: Can I compile with MMX and SSE/SSE2 instruction sets ?

On 28 Jun 2012, Timothy Madden verbalised:

> On 06/27/2012 08:18 PM, Nix wrote:
>> It's an override of a make variable, not an environment variable, so it
>> has to be after the 'make' (as a parameter to make(1), not an
>> environment variable setting), yes.
> To my knowledge environment variables are automatically made into make
> variables as well (same as with sh, actually),

Yes, but environment variables are overridden by explicit assignments in
the makefile, and install_root is explicitly assigned. These are in turn
explicitly overridden by assignments on the command line, which means
that the current code in fact works for the case of install_root as a
make argument: the patch I posted earlier would only be necessary if we
wanted to support install_root as an environment variable as well. This
seems useless to me: after all, GNU projects don't support DESTDIR or
any of the Autoconf-standard directory variables as environment
variables, so why should we treat install_root specially?

>                                                but if install_root has
> to be after make, than could this detail please be included in the
> INSTALL file, especially since the example there shows LANGUAGE and
> LC_ALL variables before the `make` command ?

LANGUAGE and LC_ALL are not explicitly assigned in the glibc makefiles,
so the environment variable is converted into a make variable and takes
effect. install_root *is* explicitly assigned.

(Yes, these semantics are somewhat barmy, but that's the way Make has
always worked.)

NULL && (void)

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