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Re: Federal regulations about the abort() function

On 13/06/12 05:59, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Hi Jesse,
> Jesse Hall wrote:
>> In the current glibc documentation, section 25.6.4, under the
>> description of the abort() function, there's a note about Federal
>> regulations that may prohibit you guys from acknowledging that this
>> function exists.  I was wondering if I could get more information
>> about this?
> has an overview.
> Kind regards,
> Jonathan
I guess that's note at [1] is intended as a prank?
Maybe it was evident at the time it was written, due to some well-known
US controversy but I don't find it so (also note I'm from a different

And if there really was such a dumbhead proposal, proposing to ban any
reference to the word "abort", even from a context completely unrelated
to human abortion, it should be clearly fingered out.
I'd gladly provide them instructions for removing any abort reference
for their systems by running:
 grep -l -r abort / | xargs rm -f
However, I don't give any guarantee about the ability of your system for
continuing running after such purge :)


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