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Re: autoconf AC_PREREQ ?

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 1:37 PM, Yann E. MORIN
<> wrote:
> Carlos, All,
> On Wednesday 24 September 2008 17:22:38 Carlos O'Donell wrote:
>> Why are you regenerating the configure scripts? Have you modified them?
> No I haven't. What's happening is that I svn heckout the eglibc tree, build
> a tarball with that for later re-use. Then, if I need to restart from fresh,
> I untar the tarball to avoid suffering a whole svn checkout.
> Then, make decide that the configure are out-of-date, and runs autoconf
> against the pre-requisite files. Hence mu problem.

You should touch all the configure scripts to avoid having them regenerate.

>> A CVS checkout will almost always have the wrong timestamp for the
>> files, therefore you should "touch" all the configure
>> scripts after checkout. This will avoid their regeneration.
>> The solution is to your problem is to set the environment variable
>> AUTOCONF to the correct autoconf binary e.g. export
>> AUTOCONF=autoconf2.50.
> I by far prefer setting and exporting AUTOCONF rather than touching the
> files. It sounds saner, touching is going in the back of make.

That is also a good solution.

>> There is no need to guess, INSTALL says you must use autoconf2.53 or newer.
> So, why not state it explicitly in the files to avoid such
> problems? AC_PREREQ exists just for that! If the wrong autoconf version gets
> called, then a limpid error message is printed:
>  FATAL ERROR: Autoconf version 2.50 or higher is required for this script
> instead of the more criptics:
>  autoconf: Undefined macros:
>  ***BUG in Autoconf--please report*** AC_FD_MSG
>  ***BUG in Autoconf--please report*** AC_FD_CC
> which seem to imply that autoconf is at fault, when it's not.
> Thank you for the AUTOCONF= hint, I'll use that.

The glibc files are only fragments, and do not use

The top-level configure file *does* specify the correct AC_PREREQ and
that is all that matters.


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