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[RFC][PATCH] Prototype for extended printf hooks

Jakub, libc-help, et al.

The linked patch (a GLIBC bugzilla attachment) is a prototype patch
which adds fully featured printf hooks to GLIBC to support the C-spec
Draft extension data types: DFP, Altivec/VMX, and VSX.

The highlights of this patch are the callback functions which allow
recognition of overridden format specification characters and the va_arg
callback function that allows an override to use va_arg to peel an
overridden data type off of the printf argument list.

I'm guiding development of these hooks in the GLIBC bugzilla where I've
also presented a discussion of some of the criteria and challenges:

Included in the bugzilla are some samples of how I use this code to
achieve printf support in the decimal floating point library.

Please realize that this is prototype code that I'm using a proof of
concept.  It is quite crude in place but I just wanted to demonstrate an
effective direction that these hooks can go.

Any comments on my implementation can take place in this email thread or
in the bugzilla.

Ryan S. Arnold
IBM Linux Technology Center
Linux Toolchain Development

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