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[RFH] Math function error-reporting tests

Hello linux-man and libc-help,

I'm in the process of revising all of the man-pages describing the
math functions in glibc.  I recently wrote some scripts to test the
error-reporting support (i.e., errno versus exceptions) in all of the
glibc math functions (for some background, look here:  Andries
helped me iron out a few bugs, and get a few more test results, so
that I now have data for the following glibc versions:


I'd like to get test results for as many (x86) glibc versions as
possible, especially (but not only) for glibc versions before 2.2.4.
Would any folk on the list who have x86 systems with other glibc
versions be prepared to run my test scripts and send me the results?

A run of the scripts takes of the order of one minute.

(To find out what glibc version you are running, enter the following command


and look at the first line of output.)

To run the script:

a) Extract the two attached shell scripts to the same directory.

b) Run the test:

        sh > mt.log

   (This step will also produce around 100 (C and executable) files in /tmp.)

c) clean up:

        rm /tmp/mt_*

d) Send me the results (i.e., the mt.log above), CCing the list and
mentioning what glibc version(s) you used, so that other people don't
duplicate tests for the same glibc.



Michael Kerrisk
Linux man-pages maintainer;
man-pages online:
Found a bug?

Description: Bourne shell script

Description: Bourne shell script

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