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Re: [CT_NG] Cross-compiler for Alpha architecture

Third time trying to sent the message. I will send the second attachment in a separate message. Hopefully, this time it will make it through.



Hello everyone,

Adding support for the Alpha architecture in crosstool-ng is progressing
quite well.

I have attached 2 files. The first one is a patch that can be applied to
the trunk (Rev 714). You can find the code for crosstool-ng here:

My patch solves some problems. In particular, it allows the use of
binutils 2.18 (patches 270-glibc-alpha-cfi.patch and
270-glibc-linuxthreads-alpha-cfi.patch), it resolves a missing symbol
error (patch 280-glibc-alpha-sigsuspend.patch) and a missing headers
error (patch 940-gcc-alpha-signal_h.patch).

With this patch we can build a cross-compiler for
alphaev56-unknown-linux-gnu with binutils 2.18/linux kernel
4.2.3/glibc 2.3.6 (with linuxthreads).

The second attachment contains the results of my experiments to build
cross-compilers for newer versions of gcc and glibc. There are basically
2 errors that appear.

1) When trying to build gcc 4.3.1 or 4.3.0 (glibc version doesn't
matter), the error is basically this:

error: no include path in which to search for limits.h

2) When trying to build gcc 4.2.3 and glibc>=2.5, a symbol is undefined:


In function `__fxstatat': (.text+0xa8168): undefined reference to `__atfct_seterrno'

The attached file includes the command that causes the error in each case.

I couldn't find any patches for these two errors. Has anyone an idea
where to look?



PS: For glibc>=2.5 I used NPTL.

PS2: Using a Linux kernel 2.6.25.x causes other errors. But currently I
am interested in using more recent versions of gcc and glibc.

PS3: I am currently serving in the army. I had some days off and
finished this work. Starting from tomorrow noon, I will not be able to
answer quickly to any replies. Please be patient! :-)

Attachment: alpha.patch.bz2
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