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Re: [RFC]setlocale() race condition

I think you have all the right pieces in place. Please feel free to post a "final" version to libc-help, I can give it a once over, and then you can post to libc-alpha. The point of libc-help is to start the feedback process earlier and with better results :-)


    This is same as my earlier mail ..but with minor changes
So does it look better ?

This problem was noticed with glibc shipped with distro, with older version of glibc 2.5-12, the problem is noticed after 8 hours of testing and application crashed with SIGSEGV. My efforts to replicate the problem with main line glibc was not successful, but I still feel the problem is there even with main line glibc and wish to know your thoughts on this issue
This problem was noticed during PHP engine development, current implementation calls setlocale() every time a page is requested. The problem is noticed during stress test of this PHP engine
setlocale() is being called on multiple threads. The exact API calls are as follows
It was observed that after ~8 hours of testing, application crashed at strcmp() call made from setlocale(), when I analyzed the dump it showed that _nl_global_locale.__names[category] pointer was corrupted.
Code analysis showed a window for race - when one thread calls strcmp()(with in setlocale()) with current value of _nl_global_locale.__names[category] passed as argument and another thread goes ahead and frees the string pointer pointed by _nl_global_locale.__names[category].

_nl_global_locale.__names[category] is protected through the lock libc_setlocale_lock, but the lock is taken only while writing to the data and not while reading from the global variable;
This lock is taken in freelocale() and setlocale() functions

Though setlocale() is not on the POSIX.1 list of async-signal safe functions as in section 2.4.3
It still needs to be thread safe according to section 2.9.1 in

Didn't notice any regression with testing. Testing was done under x86-64 box where the application was built as 32bit.
Similar fix, fixed the problem with distro glibc, where __libc_lock_lock() is used instead of __libc_rwlock_rdlock()

Thanks Yeehaw

Index: libc/locale/setlocale.c
--- libc.orig/locale/setlocale.c	2008-03-31 06:07:03.000000000 +0530
+++ libc/locale/setlocale.c	2008-06-12 08:59:45.000000000 +0530
@@ -234,10 +234,14 @@
   if (locale == NULL)
     return (char *) _nl_global_locale.__names[category];
+  __libc_rwlock_rdlock (__libc_setlocale_lock);
   if (strcmp (locale, _nl_global_locale.__names[category]) == 0)
+	{
+      __libc_rwlock_unlock (__libc_setlocale_lock);
     /* Changing to the same thing.  */
     return (char *) _nl_global_locale.__names[category];
+	}
+      __libc_rwlock_unlock (__libc_setlocale_lock);
   /* We perhaps really have to load some data.  So we determine the
      path in which to look for the data now.  The environment variable
      `LOCPATH' must only be used when the binary has no SUID or SGID

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