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Re: problem in glibc backtrace done inside nptl library

I didnt try with addr2line, but I tried using dladdr
to try to figure out the symbol name and addr, and it
is also not able to do it, does that mean that the funciton is inlined ?

If so should I add something to the nptl library build
to prevent inline functions like -fno-inline-functions ?

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 4:08 PM, Neal H. Walfield <> wrote:
> At Tue, 17 Jun 2008 15:27:38 +0200,
> Vinu Rajashekhar wrote:
>> Hi,
>>      I am working on adding some code to the nptl library,
>> the code is in C++ and I have added the code to the nptl library,
>> changed the makefiles to compile it with nptl.
>> I have instrumented pthread_mutex_lock , which calls a function from my
>> code and inside I do a backtrace, but in the backtrace I dont get all
>> the function names.
>> I want to know if the problem is because of the -rdynamic flag,
>> because I am using it
>> in both the build phase and compiling the binary and also I did the
>> ldd to confirm its using
>> the new libraries, compiled with my sources.
>> Heres the backtrace I get after using backtrace_symbols
>> /home/vinu/glibc/local/lib
>> / [0xb7f11820]
>> /home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7f05e0e]
>> /home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7f05ff7]
>> /home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7eef600]
>> ./a.out(thr_fn0+0x12) [0x80487a6]
>> /home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7eed347]
>> /home/vinu/glibc/local/lib/ [0xb7e749ae]
>> I want to get the function names of the other functions. The funny thing is
>> gdb is able to do it, then why not glibc backtrace ?
> It may be that the functions that you are not seeing in your trace are
> inlined.  This is because backtrace just returns the return addresses
> that are on the stack; inlined functions are not executed as the
> result of a call.
> It is possible from looking at the binary and the debugging symbols to
> figure this out.  This is what gdb does.  Another tool that also does
> this is addr2line.  If this shows you what gdb shows you, then the
> above is likely your problem.
> Neal

Vinu Rajashekhar,
3rd Year Dual Degree Student,
Deptt of Computer Science & Engg,
IIT Kharagpur,

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