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Re: i have some solution for glibc. how to make a patch from it?

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 3:27 AM, Mateusz Grotek <> wrote:
> Hi. I send this thing to libc-alpha, but they said that they want
> patches. So i'd like to make one. How should i do that? Is it enough to
> get newest cvs and make patch in unified format or you use some special
> switches? how to mark my messege, that it contains a patch?

Thanks for being intersted in libc development!

1. Checkout glibc cvs head.
2. Configure, build, and run the testsuite, recording the result of each step.
3. Make your change.
4. Clean the build, rebuild, and run the testsuite, recording the
result of each step.
5. Verify there were no regressions.
6. Write a ChangeLog entry for the change:
7. Write an email to libc-help with:
a. A paragraph description of your change. Please note that glibc only
supports bash. Therefore you must provide a *strong* argument for
removing the bashism.
b. A copy of your ChangeLog entry (not diffed)
c. Inlined version of your patch (diff)

The libc-help list will give you some review, and then you can send it
to libc-alpha.


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