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[PATCH] Updated double -> long double glibc transition patch


Attached is a new version of the double -> long double transition patch
(generic part and sparc32 stuff).  See e.g.
for earlier versions.
This version is far less invasive for the libio and stdio-common files.

Tested with the attached testcase (I wanted to test all interfaces there,
but got tired and so haven't finished all of them, but most.  If someone
volunteers to finish it, I'd appreciate it a lot, otherwise I'll play
with it next week.  The magic constants in there are some
test values where applicable, or some made up ones, but the purpose of
the test is very different, it only wants to see if the desirable double
resp. long double implementation of the function is used) 8 times,
5 times without -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2, 5 times with it.
Always once compile/link/run against old glibc with -mlong-double-64,
once compile/link against old glibc with -mlong-double-64 and run
against new glibc, once compile/link/run against new glibc with
-mlong-double-64, once compile/link/run against new glibc with
-mlong-double-128 and once compile against old glibc, link against
new glibc with -lnldbl_nonshared in front of -lm and -lc and run
against new glibc.
The only 2 reported failures were exp2l with -mlong-double-128,
which fails because exp2l has for IEEE quad just a stub function
setting ENOSYS rather than real implementation (I'd say it would be
better to use a quick implementation using expl before we get a proper
sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128/e_exp2l.c, but that is not part of this patch).


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